Writing about Dance

Writing about Dance

Writing has always been part of my life under many shapes and vehicles (hand written rose scented letters to special friends, writing contests during my childhood, personal diaries and a general compulsion to share what I see, feel and think with the world through the written word).

I didn´t feel I had much of importance to share during my first years of life and work in Egypt (I actually see those first three years as a preparation, formative time for what would come next). Everything was still too fresh, impossible to grasp and make sense of, foggy and often too shocking to write about.

Once my mind and heart settled on Egyptian ground and the dots of that complex and multi-layered reality started to get organized in some kind of legible structure I felt the absolute need to SHARE a bit of my personal and professional visions, indignations, dreams, discoveries, experiences and general views upon Egyptian culture, mentality, traditions, music and dance.



My “Diaries of Egypt” were born from this point of clear and wide perspective on the Egyptian realm. All the pieces of this puzzle called Egypt started to come together and gain a well deserved literate translation of their core.

From that point of maturity I started to write in English (“Diary of Egypt”: www.joanabellydance.blogspot.com ) and in Portuguese (“Diário do Egipto”: www.joanamagica.blogspot.com).

Since then, the blogs grew into a very loving and special basket of TREASURES that gather Oriental Dance informations, videos, music, inspirations, personal and professional comments on dance and pretty much every subject that touches me on a transformative level.

I hope readers and followers keep enjoying my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.



2013 will be the year of my first BOOK´s publishing and THAT* will be a touching stone for my own career and for the vision most people – including dancers – have about Oriental Dance, Egypt and the “Cairo dream”, the decadence or the glamour of my profession and what it means to be a Free Woman with a bag full of aspirations (with  the ever so annoying sense of dignity) and a willingness to climb the highest mountains she could imagine for herself.

Please be so kind as to wait for THE BOMB*.:)