The stage has been my home since I know myself. There is no safer, warmer and more exciting place on earth than the STAGE.

I was one of those irritating monkey kids who entertained (or should I say: tortured?!) family and their guests with improvised shows a la carte. You chose (well: not really): singing, dancing, acting. Which one for today´s meal?

Oh, Lord. I was ready for everything and never did I feel so deeply understood, protected and loved as I felt on stage reaching the point of dreaming about a huge theatre stage and how I would fall asleep on it and wake u there just to realiz eI had arrived home in a complete state of peace.

My first dance performance happened on the Portuguese national television (in a children´s show called Brinca, brincando) at the tender age of 5 years old. From that day I remember everything: the cameras, the lights which so deliciously warmed my small body, the television studio cafeteria with the aroma of fresh bread in the air, the director of the show, the cloth I was wearing you name it.


I performed classical ballet during my whole childhood and then dared to think I could be an actress by auditioning to the Acting Conservatoire where I then got acquainted with the stage with the spoken word not only movement. I fell deeper and deeper in love and always found solace, warmth, love and appreciation on that sacred space where time disappears and we all become ONE.


My PERFORMING style is a mix of all I´ve learnt in my Life: artistically and personally. It originally comes from an almost unconscious thirst for communicating with other people and being understood by them on a spiritual level.

So much to share and to tell other people: so much that I cannot keep it all to myself (or I would explode). I HAVE to perform it and give it away on stage.

Therefore: my performing style is tattooed with my varied artistic education (from all kinds of dance to theatre),with my LIFE´s EXPERIENCE and a Stanislavski approach to dance ('s_system ). Dancing my own Life has been my ground and I suppose it will always be.

What you see on stage is what I am: my life, feeling, past-present-future.

It´s my goal to put my heart on the table completely exposed and, by doing so, allowing the audience to feel its own heart through mine.

Touching my audience´s hearts and souls: that´s the core of my performing style and the thing I cannot avoid focusing on.

Oriental Dance without EMOTION is not Oriental Dance.

A Dancer who cannot expose her soul and touch his/her audience´s soul is missing the whole point of his/her Art.