What makes a good dancer?

01/01/2013 00:00

Here´s a tricky question because there are many definitions of what constitutes a good dancer.


As in any other subject, all I can do is offer you my own perspective:


*A good dancer is – above all – a generous being. She/he does not dance to gain applauses, affection and praise but to GIVE, SERVE, SHARE and ADD something to the audience and the world.

*A good dancer lives in a fine line between self-confidence and the essential insecurity that makes her/him want to improve, study, search for growth.

*A good dancer combines technique and expression; presence-charisma and knowledge of the dance; movement and pause; music and silence; brains and heart; stillness and energy.

* A good dancer is CURIOUS and an efficient, respectful student – always a beginner: the more you know the more you´re aware of how little you know.

*A good dancer tells stories with her own instrument (body, face, expression, energy, presence, feeling);

*A good dancer aims to give better than the audiences expect and request;

*A good dancer respects, loves and trusts her own body and creative choices – only to doubt them and open them to questioning.

*A good dancer LOVES dance above all and so much that he/she forgets about her/himself and gets lost in the music allowing the ego do disappear and the SOUL (that unites us all) to arise above the water.

*A good dancer is in love with Dance – not with her own image and vain glory.

*A good dancer has FIRE, EARTH, AIR and WATER on her/his hands and is not afraid to use them all.

* A good dancer is a work in progress: artist in progress: human being in progress: LIFE in progress.